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Sentence Examples with Precipice

  • A waterfall in which a large volume of water flows over a steep precipice.

  • Dollar, there will be no way for the politicians to bring us back from the precipice at the last minute.

  • Here I was, no longer imagining the precipice, no longer standing on the edge of the precipice, I was in the space off the precipice - an empty void of space smack dab.

  • Pretending that a few holdouts with no actual evidence - only skepticism - are on the precipice of a scientific breakthrough simply because it suits you agenda can have dangerous results.

  • So, yes, do I continue to oppose it and I do think the term precipice was a good choice of words, John.

  • Though there are only five posts so far, the brutally honest writing pulls you into the mindset of that nameless entrepreneur staring into the precipice as their business crumbles around them.

  • Yet we are now perched on the precipice of another war.

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