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Sentence Examples with Premeditated

  • As the premeditated portion of an otherwise ad hoc performance sincerely demonstrating his feelings about not being paid to speak at a money making event.

  • I also thought that using a condom would be like premeditated sin, because you would have to have to buy them beforehand and plan on having sex.

  • Opening with something that feels off-the-cuff to the audience, whether premeditated or not, is a great way to humanize a presentation and make it feel less robotic and rote.

  • Regardless of how we justify it, the execution of a prisoner is a state sanctioned, premeditated murder.

  • Some women even find themselves transitioning without any premeditated intention to do so.

  • Under the terms of the plea agreement, the term "premeditated" was dropped from the new murder charge.

  • We demand that these recordation fees not be paid with 1 dollar out of the us treasury but rather by the banks who premeditated and perpetrated this illegal mers sponsored tax evasion and fraudulent foreclosure scheme.

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