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Sentence Examples with Renaissance

  • A major rezoning in 2001 sparked a development renaissance, resulting in a series of large apartment buildings on the scenic property abutting the east river.

  • ‡ The term renaissance is often used to describe any revival or rediscovery.

  • Cres has roman ruins, a renaissance clock tower, city loggia, and a 15th-16th-century churchcopyright 2015 dictionary.

  • Developed in italy in the 13th century, basse-taille enamelwork was especially popular in europe during the gothic and renaissance periodscopyright 2015 dictionary.

  • Greek anatomist, physician, and writer whose theories formed the basis of european medicine until the renaissance.

  • Hello celtic art therapy,i purchased 2 celtic wheels from your booth at a southern california renaissance faire in 2012.

  • In the wake of wwi, the famed concierge at a posh european hotel bonds with his trusted lobby boy as they search for a valuable renaissance painting and get involved in the fight over a family.

  • Influence in its several western recensions, the tablet became a mainstay of medieval and renaissance alchemy.

  • Josh, who grew up split between colorado and vermont, is a virtual homesteading renaissance man.

  • The multi-instrumentalist renaissance woman talks her many talents.

  • Their influence extended into the renaissance and were not replaced systematically until the enlightenment and theories such as classical mechanics.

  • Tout cela empêche une renaissance de la civilisation arabo-musulmane comme il y a eu renaissance de la civilisation occidentale.

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