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Sentence Example with soil

  • It was quite clear that the plants as they died would decay in very wet soil , and so the conditions are very different from those we have just been studying where the plants decay in soil that is only moist .
  • Native americans associated black with the life-giving soil.
  • Langlade has a unique soil that is rarely found outside of the county called antigo silt loam.
  • The root cap provides mechanical protection to the meristem as the root advances through the soil.
  • In biology, the part of a plant that grows downward and holds the plant in place, absorbs water and minerals from the soil, and often stores food.
  • In certain plants, adventitious roots grow out from the stem above ground as aerial roots or prop roots, bending down into the soil, to facilitate the exchange of gases or increase support.
  • Due to bank erosion the water gets a rusty-tan colour from the soil.
  • He is also the only president to have been sworn in on texas soil.
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