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Sentence Examples with Streamlined

  • In order to bridge these differences in approach and provide a streamlined means for u.

  • Its streamlined construction has a deluxe, comfortable feel.

  • Their massive streamlined bodies are perfectly adapted for traversing large stretches of ocean, so there are few things more bizarre than seeing one or more of these powerful creatures lying helpless on the shore.

  • We decided to start over and create a new tool for packaging and testing extensions from the command-line, as well as a new and more streamlined way of reloading and iterating on extensions in firefox.

  • We streamlined the original manual for the united states of america for quickly searching information on the small screen.

  • We therefore have a streamlined production process to ensure that papers can reach the academic community rapidly and with maximum impact.

  • Wildcats 3.0, the title streamlined into a clean, antiseptic sans-serif typeface that wouldnt look out of place on an investment magazine.

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