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Sentence Examples with Suffix

  • In 2007, the original line of apple ipod portable audio players received a retronym suffix, becoming the ipod classic line, to be more easily distinguished from other ipod product lines.

  • In turkish, proper nouns are capitalized and an apostrophe is inserted between the noun and any following suffix, e.

  • One interesting feature is the use of the suffix -a for a genitive case, while most variants of sindarin simply place two words beside each other for the same effect.

  • Past participle suffix of weak verbs, from old english -ed, -ad.

  • The place name is from medieval latin comniacum, from the personal name cominius and the gallo-roman suffix -acum.

  • The suffix -shehu can be added to any question word to indicate something unknown.

  • The suffix -wise is old in the language in adverbs referring to manner, direction, etc.

  • This suffix is used to indicate an act or process, or a thing acted upon or a condition.

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