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Sentence Examples with Synergy

  • A good example, IMHO, of the book experience and film experience working in synergy is L.A. Confidential.

  • It also brings a variety of organizations and venues together working in synergy for the greater good of the neighborhood, something you seldom see in miami and.

  • Just like india and america are natural allies based on our democratic and open societies and robust economic links, so too there is a natural synergy between the work of impact investors in the us and social enterprises in india.

  • The claimed synergy opportunity of 90 million euros annually is less than the 2 percent of acquired sales achieved in previous deals.

  • The word synergy is just jargonbuckminster fuller was a frequent user of synergy.

  • We must take advantage of the synergy of both announcements to extract a public promise, which must include, at a minimum, four consensus points that civil society has been developing in recent months.

  • You only need hp for your profile and synergy features.

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