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Sentence Examples with Trumpet

  • A-line dresses, and ball gowns provide you with the circumference and space to move, whereas mermaid, trumpet and tight fitted gowns are more restrictive.

  • And then the trumpet sounded - excuse me, the car horn.

  • Anyone who is interested in trumpets and trumpet playing should not miss this video.

  • First, there has been a huge media campaign to trumpet the generosity of public-sector pensions.

  • In the meantime, he talked to me about three of his favorite tweets, his influences, and trumpet sounds.

  • The bfg is a very large gentleman with questionable english who farts a lot and lives in a cave he only leaves to catch dreams he blows through a magical trumpet into little houses and he eventually visits the queen of england in her palace.

  • The trumpet is still sounding, and we still hear the call.

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