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Sentence Examples with Tumble

  • 75 percent from 1 percent, because though its economy has been hit hard by the tumble in energy prices, housing prices are in bubble territory and debt is a worry.

  • Her persona in the skating arena was rough and tumble but she was not at all of that type.

  • I let the word tumble out of my mouth as I made a vow to stay aware of what I was saying.

  • In way too many circumstances, people tumble into their 60s running on cash fumes and need the money provided by social security.

  • Look for stock and bond prices to tumble and interest rates to soar.

  • She is not unlike many other celebrities who take an emotional tumble as they get into their twenties.

  • The stock markets tumble and experts predict that to the cost in human sorrow will be added the pain of economic recession.

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