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Sentence Examples with Ubiquitous

  • -progressive cities should ensure ubiquitous bandwidth for everyone.

  • As computers became ubiquitous, so too, has the jargon.

  • Given how ubiquitous outlook is for people working for companies and organizations that swear by the platform, downloading the app will be inevitable.

  • His own goal was to see us reach the same state in respect of computing - hence the term ubiquitous computing.

  • If it is used to avoid awkward silences as suggested above, it reveals a ubiquitous discomfort with social discourse.

  • Jane austen writes about the ubiquitous nature of this now-positive term in northanger abbey when Henry tilney teases the na├»ve catherine morland for her use of nice.

  • Jill robinsonwriternaked women are, it seems, everywhere one turns - so ubiquitous that the sight of them barely registers shock.

  • We also added a few of the most ubiquitous portmanbros.

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