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Sentence Example with while

  • Alexander, dum inter prīmōrēs pugnat, sagittā ictus est, Alexander, while he was fighting in the van, was struck by an arrow ; dum haec geruntur, in fīnēs Venellōrum pervēnit, while these things were being done, he arrived in the territory of the Venelli .
  • Now i am keeping his name in file as part of the trivia i can throw at trainees while editing their work.
  • I change my handwriting often while writing, because i can never decide how i like it to look, or what feels more comfortable.
  • Similarly, a live octopus may be sliced up and the legs eaten while still squirming, which they continue to do for some minutes.
  • The following information may help you in your efforts to filter out spam while allowing legitimate e-mail to get through.
  • The student was watching game of thrones while in class, doing both activities mentioned before and after the slash simultaneously.
  • Shy people have small, while social people have big.
  • Some of this content may be offered by google while others may be made available by third-parties not affiliated with google.
  • Some of this content may be offered by google while others may be made available by third-parties not affiliated with google.
  • You choose how your music is distributed and what your earnings will be, while easily sharing your music on android devices across the globe.
  • If you are on a limited or a pay-as-you-go data plan, you can view more content, while staying within your data plan.
  • Flip through this gallery for tips on taking the best people photos while traveling.
  • Take away the freedom to text while driving and people get nervous.
  • Memrise gamifies the process a bit, awarding you points and reputation as you learn, and the opportunity to compete against other users while you learn and complete activities.
  • After a while i began to pick out some of the words i knew and then began to identify new words.
  • The roots of science lie in the technology of early toolmaking and other crafts, while scientific theory was once a part of philosophy and religion.
  • Some students are outgoing and will experiment freely and frequently while learning a new language.
  • Spawning fish reproduce when males fertilize the eggs after they are laid, while livebearing females are directly fertilized by the males.
  • Spades and clubs are black, while diamonds and hearts are red.
  • It is a popular choice for tart and quiche bottoms, while delicate puff pastry is preferable for turnovers and upper pastry crusts.
  • They worked with us during design development to help contain costs while we were designing.
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