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Sentence Examples with Widest

  • Capris cut you off at the widest part of your calf and make most women look shorter.

  • It is the widest church built during the colonial period.

  • The gap in the mathematical abilities of american kids, by income, is one of widest among the 65 countries participating in the program for international student achievement.

  • The new solutions have been added to the existing Centrify Suite - which already consists of DirectControl, DirectAuthorize and DirectAudit - and are supposed to give Centrify the deepest solution set for extending Active Directory across what it calls the widest range of heterogeneous systems, hypervisors and applications.

  • The poll, which shows likud leading its closest rival by four seats in the 120-seat knesset, is the widest lead that the likud has enjoyed leading up to the mar.

  • The single-volume international english dictionary with the widest coverage of all the riches of the english language.

  • This type of search will return the widest range of results.

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