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-the trial judge advocate of a general or special court-martial shall prosecute in the name of the united states, and shall, under the direction of the court, prepare the record of its proceedings.0 0

All records of such proceedings shall, after having been acted upon, be transmitted to the judge advocate general of the army.0 0

As an analytics advocate for google.0 0

Forces in vietnam from june of 1964 until june of 1968 and was the primary advocate for escalating u.0 0

He was also influenced by the liberal ideas of presbyterian politician and famous poet John milton, who was a staunch advocate of freedom in all its forms.0 0

I am not trying to advocate spam, I am just highlighting the truth.0 0

I have been an advocate for this research for several years.0 0

I love how you advocate spreading your attention beyond the top of the funnel neil.0 0

Identifying top oral advocate swe defined a top oral advocate as anyone who argued at least five cases during the last decade.0 0

New legislation is needed to regulate harmful chemicals in the united states - and we should all advocate for a change in policy so that children and adults are protected from the harmful chemicals in our daily lives.0 0

Speakers advocate trying new methods to increase sales, improve margins.0 0

Such assistant judge advocate general and such board or boards of review shall be empowered to perform for that command, under the general supervision of the judge advocate general, the duties which the judge advocate general and the board or boards of re0 0

The approach you seem to advocate is to simply bracket all questions about the referrents of mentalistic terms, and proceed according to intuitionism.0 0

The trial judge advocate will cause to be served upon the accused a copy of the charges upon which trial is to be had, and a failure so to serve such charges will be ground for a continuance unless the trial be had on the charges furnished the accused as0 0

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