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After fleeing the campus following the attack, the suspected assailant now faced criminal charges.0 0

Bradleyfaculty director for the yale global health leadership institutesure, when tragedies of all kinds occur we all privately wonder about the race of both the assailant and the victims.0 0

His assailant runs down the street, jumps into an suv, and vanishes, hoping to join the scores of killers in american cities who are never arrested for their crimes.0 0

His assailant trayvon martin was over 100 pounds lighter - making him much more agile and dangerous.0 0

The assailant was shot to death by police while she suffered wounds on her hands and arms that required 75 stitches.0 0

Update 3 - I see from the englishman that the royal marine who got kicked in the head during their attempt to win the turner prize has said his assailant is a good mate.0 0

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