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Akshaya tritiya is a day on which to avail infinite benefits, both cosmic and monetary, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.0 0

As she continued to sign autographs and pose for photographs with fans, she pretended not to have noticed him, but to no avail .0 0

I have just spilled tons of hot tea and kebbles full of water around and about the fine old kitchen and to no avail are my humble efforts to hide the crime.0 0

Later on that day, I tried to access the cf card using a computer but to no avail .0 0

The banks avail themselves of these amounts in reichmarks in order to make payments on behalf of palestinian merchants for goods imported by them from germany.0 0

With a slight increment in cost, businesses can avail a stock of exceptional cards that can blow minds.0 0

You reported on the usage of the word avail as shorthand or shortspeak for avail ability.0 0

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