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Hawaii bigot lawmaker bob mcdermott loses court challenge.0 0

Just as no one but an unabashed anti-semite would suggest that judaism is a bloodthirsty religion because of biblical passages commanding the children to israel to kill their enemies, no one but an anti-muslim bigot would cite a quranic verse out of conte0 0

My son said, mother you can't say the word bigot because that has to do with nationalities and things.0 0

No matter what good he did, he will always be remembered as the bigot who stood in that doorway.0 0

Not being a bigot is a huge first step, and I thank you for it.0 0

So even from the jaundiced view of a bigot these gop legislators are hurting a huge number of their own.0 0

This goes beyond just race, or in the case of the clippers having the satisfaction of having an african-american replace a bigot and a pariah.0 0

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