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But big scientific discoveries are by nature counterintuitive and sometimes shocking.0 0

In a way, the name was counterintuitive , because Google wanted to strip off a lot of the decorative chrome seen in other browsers and create a sleek sports car of a browser.0 0

It may sound counterintuitive to watch other sexy people together, but it can start some intriguing conversations.0 0

Now i have to search through a counterintuitive list of words to find the right one.0 0

One of the main issues facing president obama in his new push for net neutrality is his counterintuitive choice to head the fcc, chairman tom wheeler.0 0

This counterintuitive truth has fascinated social scientists,.0 0

This may seem counterintuitive for people who want to use their willpower to lose weight, but having a snack with some sugar can give our brains the energy boost it needs for sustained willpower.0 0

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