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Although keynes argued that deflation was worse than inflation, he sought to avoid both rather than lean on the inflation side.0 0

Despite only this week calling the peg the cornerstone of its policy, the snb stepped back, in the process making brave noises about the impact on the economy and the threat of deflation .0 0

Generally, the forces of deflation globally look to have the upper hand now.0 0

No one has a crystal ball for inflation or deflation .0 0

Overproduction, deflation and political chicanery by the new york fed caused the 1924 and 1927 bond buying programs.0 0

The term deflation , which is more appropriately used to describe a period of sustained price decline, may be too strong a word for china, said moodys economy. com analyst sherman chan, because the contraction in prices is expected to be short-lived.0 0

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