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A large part of it is directed against certain speculatists who attempted to combine the doctrines of oriental mysticism and asceticism with christianity, thereby promising the disciples the enjoyment of a higher spiritual life and a deeper insight into t0 0

Fun and enjoyment is essential for the god leader because if we enjoyed our work then we can research more about that things.0 0

It is a source of satisfaction too since it is supposed to help satisfy a woman and help give and get more enjoyment during sex.0 0

My daily enjoyment is testing myself on the meanings ofwords.0 0

Some rough edges sully the overall enjoyment , however.0 0

The art is gorgeous and definitely adds to the enjoyment of the story.0 0

The psychological discomfort of repressed or moralistic individuals from centuries before created a jurisprudence relegating the enjoyment of non-procreative physical intimacy to the status of criminality.0 0

To be inconvenienced by a load of camera equipment will definitely suck the enjoyment right out of a really nice place to see and experience.0 0

Wine enjoyment is about more than just the wine itself.0 0

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