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Databases are mundane, the epitome of the everyday in digital society.0 0

More having a family is the epitome of the american dream.0 0

THE Bible contains the history of the human race in epitome ; is the mirror in which every age and every generation may see reflected its own features and complexion.0 0

The doctor in this article is the epitome of ignorant pride.0 0

The result is the epitome of neoclassicism and eighteenth-century rationalism in type - a face far more popular in republican france and the american colonies than in eighteenth-century england, where it was made.0 0

The very idea that a police officer has the right to take a life for any reason not related to self-preservation or in the course of disarming an immediate threat to public safety is not only morally wrong but the very epitome of unconstitutional and spit0 0

These priestly roles define our christian walk, and this essential ministry service aspect of faith is the epitome of volunteer devotion.0 0

This is the epitome of a page-turner, and makes subway rides just breeze by.0 0

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