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A faint glow of the air in the region of very strong electric fields, caused by ionization of the air molecules and flow of current in that region in corona discharge.0 0

And then he noted the slight tan and healthy glow that seemed added to her face, and he decided that the country was the place for her.0 0

Danny was still awake in the kitchen, his face lit-up with the glow of the camera screen flickering at him.0 0

Giving yourself a natural glow avec blush is an in look for spring.0 0

Professor Shairp defined the soul of poetry when he wrote: "Whenever the soul comes vividly in contact with any fact, truth, or existence, which it realizes and takes home to itself with more than common intensity, out of that meeting of the soul and its object there arises a thrill of joy, a glow of emotion; and the expression of that glow , that thrill , is poetry."0 0

She learns that tinker bell is her sister when their wings both glow .0 0

Sometimes sun beams enter through the crack and reflect off what is left, buried on the other side and made the crack on the wall glow a little.0 0

This will ensure you create a natural glow without going overboard.0 0

Waves of clouds along the east flanks of the andes mountains cast off an orange glow by the low angle of the sun in the west.0 0

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