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According to authorities, the pilot flying the private helicopter died, and three passengers were injured.0 0

Looking out of the helicopter window after recovery from his spacecraft after the splashdown.0 0

Nobody knows glasgow betternewsnewsnewsrangerscelticposted 8 february 2015first minister nicola sturgeon raised concerns about the speed of the glasgow helicopter crash investigation and the exchange of information between officials in a letter to the pri0 0

None of his dogs had ever been in a helicopter before.0 0

Perhaps youve heard the term helicopter parenting as a way to describe the way todays 20-somethings gen y were hovered over in childhood by their parents.0 0

Take a helicopter ride to enjoy all its splendoura nice waterfall visible from road, but too much on the road.0 0

That pilot, rich krell, told me he was flying the helicopter williams was on in iraq - an account now contradicted by several other soldiers.0 0

The fpmr staged an escape from prison using a helicopter , however, in december 1996.0 0

Williams and his crew were not on the chopper hit by rocket-propelled grenades, but rather on one following that helicopter , he said in his apology wednesday.0 0

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