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As a result, stories are sorted without regard to political viewpoint or ideology and you can choose from a wide variety of perspectives on any given story.0 0

Building a great team should be approached with the same ideology and methodology as starting a flywheel.0 0

Im usually ok doing presentations and speeches. .i used to do public speaking at school. .won a couple of competitions here and there. .but with those I usually got to choose the subject matter. .with this it was set for me and I really dont have a clue about the term ideology at all.0 0

Keeping the ideology to contribute maximum values in our outputs.0 0

On the judgment date of our bet, my ideology or his will gain credence.0 0

The eradication of both it and its grotesque ideology has to be a matter of how not if.0 0

The roots of american anti-vaccination ideology go back to 1721.0 0

The same ideology can be applied to building assets.0 0

There has to be a common business interest or ideology before an online community can have much leverage.0 0

To be clear, islam was never-and is still not- a peaceful ideology .0 0

While the concept of ideology is most generally associated with power relations, we have to keep from being too simplistic.0 0

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