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All in-game content, imagery , and videos on the application are copyrighted by their respective owners.0 0

Although such studies are still vastly outnumbered by studies of visual imagery , ˜imagery™ has become the generally accepted term amongst cognitive scientists for quasi-perceptual experience in any sense mode (or any combination of sense modes).0 0

American life league presents amazing 4d ultrasound imagery featuring preborn babies from eight weeks to thirty-four weeks old.0 0

Below, we explore the colorful world of 1950s food imagery .0 0

His delight and intent was to discover the surreal in the real, not to contrive surreal imagery .0 0

In all cases, you must attribute the imagery to google.0 0

In bringing together disparate imagery , conner creates intriguingly enigmatic formal compositions and narratives.0 0

Marked by vivid imagery , great sensuous appeal, and a yearning for the lost glories of the classical world, his finest works are among the greatest of the english tradition.0 0

Some of the acting and imagery become histrionic toward the end.0 0

Stage direction and costume designs are provided by james darrah and cinematographer adam larsen has created digital imagery .0 0

The way she tells her stories, both through words and amazing imagery is fascinating.0 0

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