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Also, the following detailed description does not limit the invention .0 0

Although the invention has been described in connection with various embodiments, those of ordinary skill in the art will understand that many modifications may be made thereto within the scope of the claims that follow.0 0

An alternative view sees the golf tee as the invention of an african-american dentist, dr.0 0

But, guess what, it is an invention after the event, it is a back-formation.0 0

Photography has beguiled us since its invention in the 1830s.0 0

Stasis the procedure known as stasis was another important part of the invention process.0 0

The main invention is nothing more than a particular combination of these elements designed to speed up the breeding cycle for selected traits, in order to make the animals more commercially profitable.0 0

There would be no reason for him to reference the list however, because besides the name, the hobbit was still entirely his own invention .0 0

Yes, the invention of the telephone was the beginning of the end.0 0

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