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Carré, meanwhile , could refine the technology beyond its initial prototype for csa.0 0

Chrome os, meanwhile , will use the amazing new arimo font, which is.0 0

Kalayaan college, meanwhile , stands at the corner of aurora boulevard and mangga road.0 0

McCain meanwhile , is a decorated war veteran who spent nearly five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.0 0

Meanwhile, a thousand people at fort meade just opened twitter.0 0

Meanwhile, as wajcman found in her own study on the intermingling of domestic and work life, most mobile phone use at work is for domestic purposes, such as coordinating child care or leisure activities.0 0

Meanwhile, college completion for students from the wealthiest families has risen dramatically, climbing from 44 to 77 percent.0 0

Meanwhile, jordan is also facing the simmering dilemma of its own citizens actively supporting and joining the same extremist group jordan seeks to destroy.0 0

Meanwhile, the sharks refused to dance with mayer, and walked off stage looking embarrassed as the 37-year-old singer broke out his moves.0 0

Much of the land had meanwhile been resold to third parties, who refused the money and maintained their claim to the property.0 0

One in five, meanwhile , expect to make less money in stores.0 0

San juan, meanwhile , became a leading outpost of the spanish empire.0 0

Stolen camera finder, meanwhile , requires only that you drag-and-drop a file from your camera for it to read the exif and start searching for public photos with their metadata intact.0 0

The financial marketplace, meanwhile , has become a dizzying emporium of choice and easy credit.0 0

The right sector, meanwhile , only emerged during the maidan revolution.0 0

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