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But once you have learned to talk like an announcer, can you ever return to the monotone of normal human speech.0 0

But others restrict themselves to a faceless, cold, and corporate environment where one monotone branded voice is utilized across all channels.0 0

By keeping the rest of her makeup on the simple side, richie made the monotone look modern and sophisticated.0 0

I once attended a webinar for promotional products industry and holy crap - paragraph-heavy slides, reading, same monotone voice, etc.0 0

It features Kareem Abdul Jabbar jabbering in monotone about the dangers of strangers, among things.0 0

Naming no names, but I have sat through many an seo talk where the speaker has droned on in a dull monotone voice.0 0

The monotone theme of the app is in keeping with the nature of news channels and newspapers in general.0 0

This particular time the wall had a simple monotone pattern and someone had tagged a pepperoni pizza right in the center of it.0 0

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