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A memorial marks the site of the signing of the treaty, and a famous mural depicting the event hangs in the rotunda of the state capitol.0 0

After seeing his larger-than-life aquatic mural in beijing, I knew that miami beach could benefit from collaborating with him.0 0

He acknowledged that he had painted the mural and offered a link to a site documenting its creation.0 0

His 1980 public artwork, masstransiscope, a moving image mural in a nyc subway tunnel that is animated by the passing trains, is in the permanent collection of the mta arts and design.0 0

I would love a full moon mural somewhere in the house.0 0

More mural - love it.0 0

That and the absence of text tells me that the mural is art, not an advertisement, because it is a picture of fish, not of the gear used to catch fish.0 0

The first known mural sextant was constructed in ray, iran, by abu-mahmud al-khujandi in 994.0 0

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