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(lower orbit ) period: from mid-March 2009 to late April operation: 50 km circular orbit mission: acquisition of the magnetic field of lunar surface using magnetometer and plasma observation system.0 0

However, the motion of the moon in its orbit is very complicated and its period is not constant.0 0

It is based on direct empirical observations of the atmosphere from two satellites in geosynchronous orbit .0 0

Just building the schedule for the astronauts in orbit on the u.0 0

Nasa applies the term astronaut to any crew member aboard nasa spacecraft bound for earth orbit or beyond.0 0

On thursday, a san francisco-based company called spire announced its plans to deploy 20 tiny satellites into low-earth orbit .0 0

Once the agena was in orbit , gemini 11 rendezvoused and docked with it.0 0

The following text relates to the orbit of a planet.0 0

Their use is generally restricted to spacecraft with a circular orbit .0 0

To that extent it recreates a reasonable model of conditions that obtain in orbit .0 0

We wanted the views of all players in the orbit of the supreme court, including the justices.0 0

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