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A major rezoning in 2001 sparked a development renaissance , resulting in a series of large apartment buildings on the scenic property abutting the east river.0 0

And this region became the center of a hearty, if only partial, renaissance of the ukrainian language during independence.0 0

Another important influx of latin words can be observed during renaissance humanism.0 0

Cres has roman ruins, a renaissance clock tower, city loggia, and a 15th-16th-century churchcopyright 2015 dictionary.0 0

Developed in italy in the 13th century, basse-taille enamelwork was especially popular in europe during the gothic and renaissance periodscopyright 2015 dictionary.0 0

Greek anatomist, physician, and writer whose theories formed the basis of european medicine until the renaissance .0 0

Hello celtic art therapy,i purchased 2 celtic wheels from your booth at a southern california renaissance faire in 2012.0 0

His work marked the beginning of a dynamic of socially conscious telugu literature and its transition to the modern period, which is also part of the wider literary renaissance that took place in indian culture during this period.0 0

Josh, who grew up split between colorado and vermont, is a virtual homesteading renaissance man.0 0

Spain joined the european union, experiencing a cultural renaissance and steady economic growth.0 0

The renaissance tampa is the perfect hotel for the busy, business traveler.0 0

Their influence extended into the renaissance and were not replaced systematically until the enlightenment and theories such as classical mechanics.0 0

With the english renaissance literature in the early modern english style appeared.0 0

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