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As it turns out, the rub was that the council for a liveable planet opposes the sanctions that have been levied against iran.0 0

I generally rub mine in a mixture of olive oil with garlic, fresh herbs, and peppercorns for a day or so before wiping it dry and grilling.0 0

It was all greek to me, but I figured something might rub off.0 0

No one likes being told that their baby is ugly so sometimes offering to fix something, no matter how badly it may need to be fixed, can rub people the wrong way.0 0

The best part of it all is he wants to continue doing it and hopes his actions will rub off on others.0 0

The red from the interior lining in the boot would rub off when water would get in the boot.0 0

The rub is the millions of sites that launched did so with no unique compelling reasons for other sites to link to them.0 0

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