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At nine, sharp to the tick of the clock, the rush , rush , rush of a field batterys shells passed overhead.0 0

Before we have an links and gold rush for links everywhere.0 0

I had to rush there to save our things which are just laid on the floor.0 0

If this case goes against subsidies for states without their own marketplace, I guarantee you rick scott, despite being a staunch republican, will rush to set one up.0 0

Just writing it sends a rush of adrenaline through my body.0 0

My friend denz dayao advised us to make a bus ticket reservation ahead of time to avoid the rush .0 0

The exact location has been kept secret to discourage a gold rush .0 0

The story started about 20 years ago, with the beginning of a great mongolian coal rush .0 0

There was a huge rush of energy and an overwhelming tide of new and exciting and information.0 0

Two people were killed when a helicopter hit a crane at a building site in central london during morning rush hour and plunged to the ground, engulfing several cars in flames.0 0

You may even find the center of everything there, it is a rush , start in the middle and go both ways.0 0

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