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Alison griswold is a slate staff writer covering business and economics.0 0

And so the second thing that happened was that i was extraordinarily fortunate to run with a slate of potential candidates whom i believe formed a complete set of talents and skills necessary to run our organization.0 0

Excerpts were first seen published in slate in 2013.0 0

Iformulas provides an clean slate to effortlessly look up mathematical formulas.0 0

Its one of the few times weve heard the term slate used since ballmer briefly showed off0 0

Jordan weissmann, senior business and economics correspondent for slate aei panel on family structure and economic success i worry about stigma.0 0

Likewise the other members of our slate who were elected.0 0

Once your site has a clean slate , focus on link-building by creating a portfolio of content to which users naturally want to link.0 0

Since paper was very expensive, ramanujan would do most of his work and perhaps his proofs on slate , and then transfer just the results to paper.0 0

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