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A gift that really shows solidarity between v-day lovers and haters alike.0 0

But inside mainland china, except for a few folks who shaved their heads to show solidarity , people there have remained noticeably quiet.0 0

But the power and faith and good will of that crowd, and all of us watching in solidarity , is what is transforming this country.0 0

I thought later, if millions of us would do something small like quit eating junk food for two weeks a month or something, the powers that be would respect us for our solidarity and determination.0 0

Kotzias is a former communist, and in 1983, he wrote a book praising the communist dictatorship in poland and attacking the solidarity movement and its leaders.0 0

Standing in solidarity with journalists around the world means opposing reckless actions by the united states abroad that make us all less safe, but journalists in conflict zones in particular.0 0

The focus for many will be on the sacrament of holy communion and the sense of solidarity it gives among christendom.0 0

The global solidarity as shown in paris and elsewhere shows that the world will not be intimidated by extremism.0 0

This solidarity however, he cannot completely bring about because man is subject to the puzzling and horrible law of being obliged to live at the cost of other life, and to incur again and again the guilt of destroying and injuring life.0 0

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