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Abandon this spirit and win through an alternative resource.0 0

As a proof that this view of the construction is correct, let L.B.L. substitute for delighted spirit , spirit no longer delighted , and he will find that it gives precisely the sense which he deduces from the passage as it stands.0 0

Because they have never been exposed to the white light of the spirit .0 0

Google is about to destroy the original linking spirit of the.0 0

He is obviously of the community and speaks from the inside, which is very much in the spirit of yelp, that messy democracy caught in the middle of all this.0 0

I allude to the spirit of religion and the spirit of liberty.0 0

I am not sure if you overlook the spirit within which it is written.0 0

I believe its a way for me to be unattached to emotions and logically analyze situations or things shared by others or simply those unspoken but very present words of the spirit .0 0

I honestly feel google is killing the creative spirit of the internet.0 0

I hope you enjoy my photo journal on life, love, and the spirit of wyoming.0 0

In the spirit of the less-formal nageire and moribana styles, it broke established rules governing the natural placement of materials and the choice of vases harmonious with the arrangement.0 0

It is a spirit that becomes dominant in the individual and also in the group.0 0

No, what I want to talk about is the idea that, in order to undermine the awful spirit of the nominations, we should read and judge solely on artistic merits.0 0

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.0 0

Religionthe choctaws believed in a good spirit and an evil spirit , and they may have been sun, or hushtahli, worshipers.0 0

Represents a very strong spirit despite suffering from lupus.0 0

Some were driven by martial spirit , missionary zeal or imperial fervour.0 0

The eagle represents the sky, heavens, and the human spirit , paralleling the divine nature of christ.0 0

The rich spirit is shaken awake by the buoyant piquancy of the ginger beer, while the lime slashes through the sweetness of both.0 0

Thus, it is not blasphemous to deny the existence of god or to question the established tenets of the christian faith unless this is done in a mocking and derisive spirit .0 0

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