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A chromatically, structurally, or functionally differentiated strip or stripe in or on an organism.0 0

As we began our research, we came across aws-go, an sdk from stripe .0 0

Body design is also very similar to the d100, a few of the new design hints such as the triangular red stripe on the hand grip come from the d2h.0 0

The council, however, will be dominated by economists of the same theoclassical stripe who not only failed to identify the systemic risks that produced the recent financial crises, but actually praised the criminogenic incentives that caused those crises.0 0

The excluded stripe is turquoise in colour and is taking it ` s case to the European Court of Human Rights.0 0

There was an unavailability of hot pink baric, so baker dropped the hot pink stripe from the design.0 0

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