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I believe this picture is a strong reminder of how deep the thirst of revenge runs in the country and how difficult it will be for any internal or external force to stabilize and bring long lasting peace in the central african republic.0 0

I have a thirst for wisdom and a sieve to store it all.0 0

I think the best personalities in digital are those that are open to change, open to experimentation, humble and have a thirst to learn and always try to better themselves.0 0

It was an obvious choice for us to develop for the ipad the multi-effects that we wanted, that we needed for our thirst for sound.0 0

Recently our insatiable thirst for travel led us to los angeles, california, commonly referred to as l.0 0

The convening of a community radio conference in jordan has shown the diversity and pluralism in the region and the thirst that people of different ethnicities and backgrounds have for creating and owning media through which they can express themselves.0 0

The thing that really excites me about the reaction to this is the fact that there is so much thirst and demand for the more traditional marketing skill sets in the digital space now.0 0

The three of us quenched our thirst with a single mug of san miguel to each one of us.0 0

Whether one seeks or finds, the thirst for knowledge is the key driver of the human story.0 0

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