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I went to a party when i was inside no lights were there so i used my torch to switch on the lights0 0

It seems to me that the "torch" is being handed off to Esser, and there really is, right now, no real competition.0 0

The seductive dance is cardio-heavy, and an hour of dancing will torch around 600 calories.0 0

The showy lantern tower of the tallest spire glowed with a nighttime torch when the king was in.0 0

The torch focuses on the lofty and noble ideals for human development and a better quality of life, and is symbolic of its hispanic culture and tradition.0 0

The usher with the torch there was an usher with a torch who would escort you to your seat if you got late because you might stumble and fall in the dead dark of the cinema hall.0 0

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