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I did not want germany to become unified without recognizing both its eastern and western borders.0 0

If you want to know more about the dazzling results achieved with our unified strategies, have a look at the case studies.0 0

It makes more sense to offer a single unified name field to the user.0 0

Judaism the concept of the messiah is neither common nor unified in the tanakh.0 0

Last summer, comScore took a new tack, rolling out what it calls a unified approach.0 0

Softlayer offers a secure environment and unified platform.0 0

The court of the 1940s, with seven appointments by roosevelt, was not more unified than its depression-era predecessor.0 0

The movement was less a unified army than a rich mix of political notions and visions.0 0

Thus while margaret and I shared the same historical fears about a unified germany, we differed here.0 0

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