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All I know is it was published many years ago and the term utopia came about because of this book.0 0

As milton friedman said there is no utopia on planet earth.0 0

Early works influenced by utopia included new atlantis by francis bacon, erewhon by samuel butler, and candide by voltaire.0 0

Interestingly professors, and leaders of university-based entrepreneurship centers put the idea onto the utopia side, as I found out during a private meeting with heads of the competition.0 0

This place had been painted as a utopia for intelligent people with good ideas, so I came to silicon valley, only to discover that there was little difference from the south I left behind.0 0

This was done in her series titled greetings from utopia in collaboration with fellow artist jimmy marble.0 0

You see, a utopia requires an all-powerful ruler to enforce it.0 0

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