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Our Word Wars I.II.III word finder will help you find words for your Word Wars I.II.III created by INversionGAMES. You can search our extensive dictionary word lists ranging from TWL, SOWPODS, ENABLE, French, German and Spanish. How does our Word Wars I.II.III word finder work? Just enter the letters you have been given in our game in the field, choose your preferred dictionary and we will return every possible word you can make. Since letters can be rotated you can actually form more words from yours tiles so make sure you enter every possible letter combination you can make.

While this game is not live yet, this is a great start. If you are interested in pledging funds to get this game started click here

You can read more about it on our blog

What is Word Wars I.II.III?

Word Wars I.II.III is a new word game which is a spin off from scrabble. Much like scrabble you place tiles on the board to form words, and each letter/tile is based on a score. What makes Word Wars I.II.III interesting is that you have the ability to take a letter and turn it around to form a new letter, this is also knows as verseTILEtters. This gives you more options of words you can form and at the same time you can score even higher points in a single game.

Word Wars I.II.III Rules

Players: 2-5 players, ages 8 and up

Object: Form 3 words with 10 cards

Game Play:

1. Distribute 10 shuffled cards per player, who must use ALL the cards to form 3 words. Each card can be used as either one of two letters.

2. Determine the value of each word by adding the points of its letters.

3. Designate the word with the lowest value as Word I and the word with the highest value as Word III.

Disclose the words and match them against the other players' words of the same designation (Word I vs. Word I, then Word II vs. Word II, then Word III vs. Word III).

Scoring: In each round, the player who has Word I with the highest value gets 1 token, Word II with the highest value gets 2 tokens, Word III with the highest value gets 3 tokens. In case of a tie, both players get the same token number.

Bonus: A player who wins at all 3 designations (Word I, II and III) in the same round gets a bonus of 4 tokens. No bonus is added if there is a tie or if another player cannot form 3 wordsand thus surrenders.

Winning: The player with the highest total number of tokens after 3 rounds wins the game.

A quick video that shows you more about the game

Point value words example image

Word Wars I.II.III tiles

Scoring points with ties and bonuses

Word Wars I.II.III tile point values

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