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Our Scrabble dictionary tool is powered by a diverse range of reputable sources, including Merriam-Webster, Wordnet, Century, and Wiktionary. These sources ensure the accuracy and validity of words played in Scrabble. Moreover, you can utilize our tool to not only validate words but also to access definitions for those words.

Scrabble Word Finder

Among the top-notch resources available online is our Scrabble word finder tool, designed to assist you in word-based games such as Words with Friends and Scrabble. Utilize it as an anagram solver to unearth words from jumbled letters effortlessly. What's more, it's even compatible with Wordle!

Scrabble Word Lists

We offer an extensive Scrabble word list, encompassing over 100,000 words that start or end with any letter, all meticulously updated to adhere to the latest standards (OTCWL2014). Additionally, developers can access our lists through our API for seamless integration into their applications.

More Than Just A Scrabble Dictionary

Curious if a word is valid in the Scrabble dictionary? Look no further! We're a premier destination for word verification across various word-based games, including Scrabble, Words With Friends, Internet Scrabble Club, Quadplex, Lexulous, Just Words, Scrabble Sprint, and The Pixie Pit.

But we are much more than that...

We offer an array of resources, including anagram solvers, comprehensive word lists, invaluable tips & tricks, guides, and self-help tools tailored to enhance your skills and outsmart your opponents in any word game. Additionally, webmasters can access our developer tools to seamlessly integrate these services into their own websites and applications.

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Word Lists great for playing with Scrabble

Our word lists transcend mere compilations of words; they're dynamic tools meticulously designed to nurture and polish your Scrabble prowess. With these resources at your disposal, you'll not only surpass your opponents but also ascend to the ranks of elite Scrabble players.

The cardinal principle upheld by seasoned Scrabble aficionados is crystal clear: proficiency in an extensive lexicon reigns supreme. The depth of your vocabulary directly correlates with your capacity to dominate the board and clinch triumph. This straightforward strategy harbors profound implications for achieving success.