Scrabble Word Finder

Welcome to our scrabble word finder and cheat. It is designed to help you construct words by using the letters you currently have in your word game and finding every possible word you can make with them. Even though you may come across times where you're having a hard time figuring out words you can make, not all hope it lost. By using our scrabble word finder you can easily make your turn easy and fun. Take time to search all our possible solutions and you will be winning your game in no time.

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You can use wildcards(?) for missing letters and they appear in red.


Our tool will assist you when you are stuck and can't think of a word you can make. Remember way before the Internet was around and you had to bust out a dictionary and hope the word was listed? Not with the age of the Internet getting information quickly is the best thing that happened to the game. The average time it took to play a game has decreased with tools and boards on the Internet today.

There are many options to choose from so make sure you understand them all before you go diving into something before testing the water. If you don't want to wait to long then just enter your letters and submit them. Our tools will quickly return all the possible words you can make. If you find that you want to be an even more effective player then use our many options. You are not going to find a more sophisticated tool as this one to help you cheat.

Our labels listed by each field describe exactly what that field does, here are some examples.

  • Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Must contain
  • Must not contain
  • Exclude these order of letters
  • Contain these order of letters
  • Our labels are designed to give you (optional) ways to filter your results. Not all of them are required so you don't have to worry about trying to fill in all the fields. Just pick the ones you want to use or none at all. If you just want to use your letters with no other options then just enter your letters in the main field and submit.


  • Looking for words that start with certain terms - use the section called "Starts With"
  • If you are needing to find words that end with certain letters you can use the section called "Ends With"
  • If there are certain words that contain specific letters you can use the section called "Must contain this order of letters"
  • Wild Cards are not accepted with this particular tool.
  • If you need to exclude a letter then you would use the "letter not to include"
  • Tips

  • Never assume the other person is not cheating
  • Use as many of the options we have in order to get the most results
  • The simplest way to use it, is to enter your letters and search
  • Wild cards are accepted for blank tiles
  • Need more words?

    If you really want to step up your game the best thing you can do is try and memorize as many words as possible. We have a ton of word lists with words starting, ending or containing any letter. The most important words to memorize since they tend to be the highest scoring words are Z words, J, X and Q Words.

    Simple ways to use our tool

    If our scrabble word finder is leaving you scratching your head he simplest way to use it is to simply enter your letters and hit "Find Word". This option will simply return all available words with the letters you entered. It's the best and quickest way to get results if you are in a hurry and don't want to spend the time trying to figure out.

    Another great way to use our scrabble word finder is to look at your current board and see what other letters you can build off of. You can enter those letters as prefix and suffix's. By doing this you open the possibilities to more options in your game and rack up some serious points. You can also use these letters in the middle of your word so that way you can take advantage of it's position and maybe plan ahead to build something else later. Thinking ahead and staying one step ahead of your opponent is what is going to separate you from the average player to the pro.


    From time to time we get questions from other users asking us what we think is the best strategy to take when using our tools. The one main thing we have found out is when trying to find a word you will want to not just use your letters but also look and see what is available to you on your board. By doing so you open up so many other possibilities. Don't just get stuck on your letters. Expand yourself and think of the different ways.

    For instance:

  • Using letters in the middle of a word can be a way to see more options. Most people will just look at the end letters and not realize there are so many other ways you can place your tiles.
  • Take your Time - Don't let the other player rush you. Basic rules allow you to take your time.
  • We hope our tips and strategies help you out. If you like this article then please share it with your friends. Don't hoard it for yourself, share the wealth.