Is it in the Scrabble® Dictionary?

It's straightforward: input a word into our lookup tool, and we'll promptly inform you of its status in the official Scrabble dictionary. However, it's essential to note that while our database encompasses numerous words, not all may be sanctioned by the official Scrabble word list. Hence, while your search may yield results, we'll ensure clarity by indicating whether the word is valid or not.

Tailoring to your preference, you have the option to incorporate additional words beyond those found in the official word list, enhancing your gaming experience.

Official Word Lists we search

We conduct searches across three primary word lists, aiming to provide the results you seek, tailored to the specific game you're playing.

  • OTCWL2016 - Formally was known as TWL06 used in the beginning of September 1, 2016
  • OTCWL2014 - Formally was known as TWL06 used as a primary word list for Scrabble©
  • SOWPODS - an English Language word list used in most countries except for the United States

So whether you are playing a Tournament Club game in the USA or any other country we can provide those results for you.