Words with friends cheat & helper

Wildcard(?) letters appear as RED

New Words With FriendsOur Words with friends® cheat has had some pretty awesome developments have happened with Zynga. They have updated their new app with some new awesome features like Community Match Games, Solo Play and you can now track your performance. Check out the video below to see more.

Our word finder for words with friends will still help you find words that you can make with your tiles. You can enter any amount of letters into our solver and it will return words you can use. We check against the official word list called ENABLE so you know they are valid words. You can check out the ENABLE word list here.

New Features

Community Match

You can now play with more than just 2 players with the new words with friends. What's also awesome is you find players that are near by you. You can ask them to join your Community Match Game and you can even see their average word score before you pick them.

Solo Play

You can now finally play by yourself and do not need to find someone else to play with

Track Performance

Now you can track your performance in the game and see how you are doing on average. You can see your performance by clicking on your profile picture at the top.

Our words with friends helper has some really cool features about it that make it unique to your words with friends game. We recommend you do not use this word finder for Scrabble, we have a scrabble word finder tool for that. Along with scrabble you can also use that tool for other word games like Lexulous, Word Scraper, Hanging With Friends and even Boggle.

The way our helper works is pretty much like an anagram solver. It will find any word against the Words with friends Dictionary and return those results to you. Our solver will also return all the possible point values to each one of those words. Keep in mind that the point values in Scrabble are different than Words with friends, and these point values do not include double or triple word scores.

How to play Words with Friends©

It's pretty much Scrabble with a social twist. You try and make words with the tiles you are given. The cool thing is you can connect Facebook to your game and see how your other friends are doing with their WWF game. You can also see stats and word scores from them as well. If you have never played Scrabble before then check out how our How To Get Started With Scrabble


The strategies in WWF are the same as Scrabble. You want to try and get the highest score at the end of the game. You do this by getting scores for every word you play. The key is learning how to play words to maximize that score at the end of game. There are many ways to do this, but some quick basics are:

  • Memorize as many words as possible through word lists. We provide plenty here.
  • Take advantage of 2 and 3 letter words. While they are small and lower scoring they are easier to make and that can build up over time.
  • Q and Z are your best friend and worst enemy. The reason is that it is harder to make a word with them, but they are the highest scoring letters in the game. Land those letters on a Double or Triple letter tile and you are golden.
  • Try to always think ahead a few rounds where you can form some high scoring words. Save certain tiles like vowels.
  • Here are some of those 2 and 3 letter words lists that can help you get started with memorizing.

    2 Letter Words

    3 Letter Words

    If you need some more ideas of words you can use for your game you can check out our huge scrabble word lists which can help you win every game.