Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus

Find similar words that relate to your search

Our Reverse Dictionary empowers you to discover words closely associated with the phrase or topic you're describing. Whether you input a single word, a phrase, a question, or a few descriptive words, our tool generates a comprehensive list of closely related terms that align with your query.

Here are some of the ways you can use a reverse dictionary

  • Find words to definitions you already know
  • Find closely related words to a single word
  • Use as a crossword solver to find words that match a clue
  • How does it work?

    A more effective analogy for the reverse dictionary is likening it to solving a crossword puzzle. Just as a crossword provides clues or descriptions of words, you can input a word or phrase into our search field, and our tool will generate a list of words closely related to your query, akin to filling in the puzzle's blanks.

    Why do the results seem to not make sense?

    Our results are displayed in order of relevance, ensuring that the top entries are most likely to closely match your word or phrase. As you progress down the list, the relevance may decrease slightly, but each result maintains some connection to your query. Generally, focusing on the first few results should suffice for your needs.