Help to get you started with Scrabble

We cant say it enough in our scrabble helper how important it is that you first learn your 2 and 3 letter words for scrabble. There are over 1,500 2 and 3 letter words total combined in the OSPD, about 500 of those are common spoken words everyday in most every one's vocabulary. Learn the other 1000 and you will most likely add another 50 - 75 points on average in your score.

Make smart words

The next most important thing you can get scrabble help is from using a scrabble solver, or also known as an anagram solver. This is a tool that can help you find words with the letters you have in scrabble. This scrabble helper tool makes it way to easy for you especially when you get stuck and can't figure out any words you can make.

Know all your options

Remember that by simply adding prefixes and suffixes like 'Pre', 'Ing', 'ed', 's', 'es', and 'er' can turn one word into several options. Always try and keep that in mind that using the suffix "ed" is one of most effects way to make a smaller word bigger which will help you in scrabble. If you have "e" and a "d" in your tiles, you are golden. You can also use our word lists to find any word that starts or ends with anything you type, it comes in handy.

Don't play letters just because they are there. One big mistake many people make is that they will play extra letters like just because they can. Before you place any letters down always consider the point value they are going to give you. An s varies in points from 10 - 20 points. If the S does not give you at least 10 points extra don't even bother, save it for a killer word later. You are pretty much wasting it. The only reason you might have to throw it away is when you are stuck with a Q don't worry, there are many words with a Q without a U in the OSPD.

Learn, Learn and Learn...

Learn the rules of the game, they help. Read up on the official scrabble rules and learn them, they are a great scrabble help. There is nothing worse when a questionable play at a tournament has been made and you have the rookie wondering what is going on and the vet about to jump out of his seat. With some light reading you can have the book done in a few days.

Take your time when it comes to looking at your letters. Don't be quick to throw a large low scoring word just because its there. Think ahead and possible high scoring words you can make with just a few letters you might get in the future. Take time to look at your letters so you don't make this mistake. If your game allows write down some possible words you can make with just an extra letter and save it.

Do the shuffle

One common mistake players can make it put their tiles on their rack and never touch them again.

Take the time on your off time when you are trying to contemplate your next more to take your tiles and shuffle them up on your rack. As you do this you will see new combinations of words you can make. Most of the time simply moving the tiles around in any particular order is your best bet. Don't try and move them around to make words. Just move them and see what you never know. You should also learn a little more about how to manage your rack better.

Don't set up the other player

Like a game of chess, scrabble works the same way. You have to anticipate the other players move, and for goodness sakes pay attention to what words you place and where so you do not accidently give your opponent a chance to score.

Vowels are awesome

Vowels can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Having a vowel next to a colored square or in the center is just screaming for your opponent to win.

Vowels are easy ways to build words upon so you have to be mindful where you place them. Like we said next to a colored square will give the next person a greater chance to score. Now if you see someone has opened that door for you then walk right in. They can help you more than you think.

Words that will leave your opponent scratching their heads. Best thing ever is to see the face of you opponent when they challenge you to a word thinking you didnt spell it correctly and you can see them slump in their chair when they look in a scrabble dictionary and know you were right. Here are a few words that will do just that.

  • amuck
  • apatite
  • asbestus
  • asperate
  • coala
  • cigaret
  • cundum
  • cutlas
  • cyder
  • drowned
  • fantom
  • goodby
  • grewsome
  • jalopy
  • kultur
  • kumquat
  • mustache
  • peepul
  • pencel
  • pensil
  • rabbet
  • skeeing
  • sycosis
  • Be sure to check out some of our highest scoring words for scrabble to give you that edge in your game. If you have comments or questions you can contact us anytime